Digital Marketing Success Stories: An Interview with Vishal Jain
Himanshu Verma
November 29, 2021
Digital Marketing, Marketing

Hey Ladies and Gentleman!

I know real-life success stories inspire us a lot and give us a push to achieve our goals. so here is a success story for you related to business, entrepreneurship but mainly about digital marketing.

I have recently come across Mr. Vishal Jain who is from Udaipur (Rajasthan), is a Civil Engineer by qualifications, and presently a digital marketer by profession. He had no knowledge of digital marketing. He depicts the young entrepreneurial spirit “Where there is a will, there is a way “. Starting from Scratch today he is stabilizing as a freelance Digital Marketer and his work is being appreciated. Enclosed below are excerpts of my discussions with him.

Himanshu: Mr. Vishal, please tell us about your digital journey, Work Experience. What made you start a digital marketing journey? Where are you based at? SO that my audience would know more about you and connects better with you.

Vishal: Hey Guys, my name is Vishal Jain. I am from Udaipur, Rajasthan and I’m a civil Engineer by qualifications and a Digital Marketer by profession. I have completed my bachelor’s degree from Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur in 2019. I was so frustrated with my career and that is the main reason I switched my career journey to digital marketing.

Himanshu: How did you learn Digital Marketing? How did you know about it?

Vishal: Okay then (with a smile on his face), Let me tell you the truth I started learning digital marketing in 2018 with the help of free content on the internet like mainly with YouTube. Like I didn’t enjoy the civil engineering. So, I started watching content on the internet, thanks to Jio (with a smile).

So one day while scrolling on the internet I came to know about digital marketing from a YouTube video like I found the thumbnail and the title of the video very interesting so I clicked on the video. The title was ‘How I earned 5 Lakhs….’. I forgot the full but something like that. Then I watched that video & I was so affected by that video that I start my research on it like what is digital marketing? How can I become a Digital Marketer?

I learn digital marketing on my own through the help of the internet and practice & I feel like I’m not a digital marketer yet, I am still learning.

Himanshu: How should people start with digital marketing according to you? What is your advice to new hustlers to be digital marketers in today’s time?

Vishal:  I feel if anyone wants to be a really good digital marketer in today’s time he or she needs to learn psychology as well. And also gather some knowledge about how the mind works?  In my opinion, everyone who wants to start digital marketing should first learn about marketing. Because digital is one of the mediums of marketing.

Once you learn marketing then it will be easier for you to master digital marketing. Digital marketing is more about tools and tactics which you are using but as I said first you need to learn customer psychology, their buying behaviour, etc which is more about marketing.

Himanshu: What made you choose Digital Marketing as a career?

Vishal: I like technology very much. So I started digital marketing because of my love for technology but now I feel I am enjoying the marketing part more than the digital part. Now I feel I like to play with psychology or understand the psychology that’s why I feel that marketing is my cup of tea.

Himanshu: Which is your strength in Digital Marketing?

Vishal: Paid Ads, Social Media (mainly Facebook Ads).

Himanshu: What’s the no.1 tip you’ve for someone who wants to use digital marketing to build their personal brand and increase sales online?

Vishal: People buy from people that’s why personal branding is so important. It’s much easier to build trust among your audience by building a strong personal brand. And for the #1 tip I would say, focus on one niche and create content around it. For eg. If you are a diabetes doctor then talk about your diabetes, create content about diabetes, how to regulate your diabetes control, what kind of fruits you can allow eating, etc. So create content around your specialty. It will boost your personal and people start trusting you and your sales ultimately increase.

Himanshu: What does the future of digital marketing look like according to you?

Vishal: The future of digital marketing will have no end. We know people are doing marketing from 1000 years back and it will continue in the future. Only one thing I want to be mentioned here is that traditional digital marketing will be replaced by automated digital marketing but it will not be fully automated because programs cannot understand customer psychology fully as compared to humans.

Himanshu: Can you list out some of the useful Digital Marketing Tools?


Email Marketing Tools:

1. Convertkit
2. Mailchimp

SEO Tools:

1. Uber suggest
2. SEMrush
3. Shared

Graphics Designing Tools:

1. Canva
2. Photoshop
3. CorelDRAW

Analytics Tool

1. Google Analytics
2. Facebook Pixel

And there are plenty of tools in digital marketing I have mentioned just a few of them.

Himanshu: What are the major challenges you experienced while becoming a freelance digital marketer?

Vishal: Many people don’t want to work with inexperienced freelancers and they want to see some work of us but in the beginning, we do not have that much work or portfolio to show the clients. This is the biggest challenge for any freelancer.

Himanshu: Do you want to open your digital marketing agency? And if yes when?

Vishal:  Yeah absolutely, I want to start my digital marketing agency. I am planning for it. In the upcoming two years or you can say till the last quarter of 2023 I will start my digital marketing agency.

Himanshu: How can one start with his marketing agency nowadays? Tell my reader some do and don’t before starting a marketing agency.

Vishal: When anyone wants to start a digital marketing agency then their skills should not be limited to digital marketing, they should have to learn about business skills. In other words, there are so many factors that one should know before starting a digital marketing agency. But in my opinion, one who wants to start any business should learn about leadership because you have to handle your employees. Employees are the greatest assets of any company.

Himanshu: How to build source of leads?

Vishal: Networking is the best way to generate high-quality organic leads and If you want instant leads then run a paid campaign. And for the long-term investment in social media and SEO.

Himanshu: How can one become a freelancer digital marketer?

Vishal: Nowadays becoming a digital freelancer is very thing nowadays. But if you want to become a successful digital freelancer then focus on one niche, learn expertise in that particular niche and another most important thing is to learn the art of selling. Because whatever you are expert at you have to sell it.

Himanshu: What is your goal for the future?

Vishal: My 5 years goal is to scale myself as a digital marketing automation expert.

Himanshu: What is your advice for beginners?

Vishal: Most of the beginners are focused on tools and tactics. My advice is to them is first to learn the art of marketing and then go for tools, tactics, and followers.

Himanshu: Thank You, So much Vishal, to give your precious time & share your valuable knowledge with our readers. so that all for today friend, comment below if you want to hear or read more success stories or want to learn any other topic in digital marketing.

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