Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets to Grow Your Business on Next Level
Himanshu Verma
January 8, 2022
Digital Marketing, Marketing

At present time the way of marketing has been changed a completely because of technology change & the technology is changing at a very rapid speed. So it is very necessary to change the way of your thinking & also change the way of your work and marketing.

In my opinion, with time the ways of marketing change with time & technology but the basic law or fundamentals of marketing don’t change with time, it always remains the same so we can say it is universal as the law of attraction.

So learning these laws is a must if you want to become an entrepreneur or marketer. digital is only a way of marketing. there are many other ways of marketing, there are many other ways of marketing but with the technology advancement, the role of digital marketing going to be bigger & bigger day by day

Digital Marketing or overall marketing is not changing day by day it’s the way to reach an audience that is changing day by day because of changes in technology day.

I learned that marketing is the same as one law but people have a different perspective about it.

Integrated Digital Marketing everything compliments each other.

It is very important to teach others because it forces you to understand it better & it is not necessary to get excellence in a topic to teach others.

(Jeff Bezos says that if you have 60-70% knowledge then you should start it practically, you should not wait for 90-95% to start because the world is changing very fast so if you will not start working on that idea with 60-70% knowledge then someone else will & after that you will regret).

It is very important to have a vision board & also set financial goals.

Focus & niche selection are very important, try to go deep as could as possible.


Help Your Clients Without Manipulating Them

If you want to become a good marketer or overall a good entrepreneur then don’t manipulate your clients for your benefit, for long-term success help your clients to make more revenue

because when you really help your clients to make more revenue or to achieve better results then this develops a trust for you in your client’s mind and they also prefer you for future projects & also recommend your products or services to others by word of mouth marketing.

Power of word of mouth marketing-:

Do you know ‘word of mouth marketing is the best way of marketing among all the ways of marketing because people believe their loved one’s recommendations more than any other marketing techniques or strategies?

for example, if anyone wants to buy a laptop then they research online, but if their loved one gives them any advice then they give his suggestion more importance than any other online recommendation & word of mouth marketing also provides free brand ambassadors.

So marketing is like a long-term relationship, building trust is very important.


Marketing Starts Before Creating the Products or Services-:

Many people believe that marketing depends only upon creative skills, it does not depend on science but it is not true because marketing starts way before creating a product or service, before marketing first of all it is extremely important to make your products or services market fit by selling the right message to the right person at the right time.

Here are the 4 p’s of marketing, these are the 4 main pillars of marketing that are-:

1. Place

Even before creating a product, it is extremely important to check that is there any demand available for your product or service or not & if the demand or market is available for your product or services then find out what would be the right place to sell your product or service.

you should choose a place to sell your products or services where your maximum potential customers/consumers lie. you should choose a place according to your target audience.

2. Price

After finding a market or demand for your product or service you need to fix a price for your product. price should not be very high as well very low. you should fix a price that your customers want to spend for your product happily.

3. Product

The product should be underpromised & over-delivered & also market fit. the product should be in demand. niche selection is very important to choose the right market fit product.

4. Promotion

After the 3p’s of marketing then the 4th p or the 4th step comes promotion or marketing. after deciding the right place, the right price, the right product another important or we can say most important part comes ‘Promotion or Marketing’ without promotion or marketing it is not possible to sell a new product or service effectively at a large scale.

Marketing is creating a perception about the product or services in your potential customer or customer’s mind.

Building a Strong Brand

To build a strong brand you don’t need to be the no.1 be the only one like don’t compete in an existing market, create your own market for example Xerox, Zoom, Meggie creates their own market.

You can easily establish your unique brand without competition. It is very easy you can also create your unique market by creating a unique product (like the author says in the book Blue Ocean Strategy)

So now the question arises how to create a unique product that also can create its unique market?

You can easily create a unique product & also you can easily find the market for your unique product by narrow down your niche.

For example, if you are thinking to create a search engine then it is not a good idea because there are many search engines available, & even bing, yahoo can’t compete with Google, so creating a search engine is definitely not a good idea, but you can make a search engine for a particular or definite niche.

there are many niche-based search engines are also available in the market like Zomato & Swiggy are search engines for food and restaurants.

OYO is the search engine for hotels.

Amazon is a search engine for buying products.

Amazon Prime & Netflix are the search engines for web shows & movies.

according to these examples, you can also create our unique sub-niche under a niche and easily create a market for your business.


Why You Should Invest Time & Energy in Learning Marketing

The biggest reason you should spend your time, energy, and money to learn marketing is that marketing is all about perceptions, and can’t make perception. so A.I. doesn’t replace humans in marketing.

Marketing is about communication, it is about understanding economics, the market & the psychology of humans.

So it will never go out of fashion. marketing is a skill anyone can learn it. marketing is not for introverts or ambiverts it’s completely a myth.

I am also an introvert but I am good at marketing. So never make these types of excuses to yourself, if you really want to do it then don’t think much start doing by implementation your learnings.

The Importance of Good Communication Skills in Marketing & Entrepreneurship

communication skills -

Good communication doesn’t mean learning many languages or having good command in any language, good communication means how easily & perfectly you can make understand to your thought or point of view to others with the help of language.

you can easily batter your communication skill with some consistent practice.

Simon Sinek (the author of ‘Start with Why’) says learn last to speak. I totally agree with Simon Sinek like listening is the most important part of communication skills more than speaking itself because by speaking you can only teach others what you know only but by listening to you learn something new from other people’s experiences.

If you want to improve your communication skill then start writing because writing is a very good way to improve your communication skill very quickly. writing slows down your thought process, it also boosts your creativity.

Consume a lot of content related to your field & try to apply that as quickly as possible. good communication is a must skill if you want to be a good marketer.

I hope you like the article. leave a comment below and let me the other topics which you want that I should write a blog/article on that. this is Himanshu Verma signing off.

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